Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer vacation

Those who are in the teaching jobs enjoy a longer summer vacation. Normally the annual examination and declaration of results in the educational institutions are followed by summer vacation. This year the educational institutions of Orissa were closed from 20th April on account of terrible heat waves in the state. But the staff of respective institutions had to languor  in the headquarters till 30th April without fail. As a result I was also made to stay at my working place as per the govt instructions.The days were hollowed and vacant as I had little to do at my work station. The  days were mostly spent in idle talks and long sessions of watching TV.  It is because the place, where I am working as a lecturer, is a small cocooned place having nothing to do substantial.  Moreover, the matter is further worsened by the frequent strike-calls by the naxals. Sporadic Naxal violence have completely shattered a citizen's faith  in the Government law and order.. And my prolonged stay for some days in that place at such sensitive phase made me a witness to the anti-social activities of the Maoists.

However, in these days I have given some hours of productive labour to my institution as a committed staff by arranging the library books of the institution in a suitable order. Today I am on the way to my home-town and while waiting for the bus at Jeypore I am in hotel Princess. Smita is chewing chowmin and I wrote the above lines.

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