Sunday, April 20, 2014

A chunk of my life.....

From the pen APN

In the morning at about 7 o’clock, I switched on my laptop. The translucent aero theme of windows7 gleamed on the monitor.
With the opening up of the operating system my brain also restarted. My hands were at rest on the keyboard and at the same time my wife brought the morning tea in a special mug. The mug was special because it was coated with a beautiful photo of my wife or, in other words, the photo of my only son’s mother. The mug was presented to me as a Valentine’s Day gift this year.
Sipping my tea one or two times I started writing and listening to a specific song which I often listen when I am at home. I closed my eyes contemplatively and stretched my back on the revolving chair on which I was sitting. In my mental eyes the face of Mr. Kundu appeared. Yesterday I had met him. He was on his way to Tarlakota, a village in Malkangiri district. He, after a long career of teaching as a subject expert in English, now devotes some of his time for imparting quality education to the tribal students of Malkangiri. When I saw him at Govindapally (My work station) yesterday, my joys knew no bound.
He is a very outgoing person capable of engaging his audience with his unique dramatic styles. This time, white beard had covered his face. He had become little older than he was when I had met him last. He got down from the vehicle. He was in a pair of blue denim jeans and his feet were covered by a pair of sleepers. He looked like a social worker. The meeting was made very short because the heat of sun compelled us to part soon. I waved my hands and they moved away from me sitting in the vehicle.
Life goes on with its little surprises, small achievements, simple joys and little pains.
Yesterday I was returning from Jeypore to Govindapally. On the way I halted at a spot because that place reminded me of someone who was once a close colleague of mine. It was the very place where, one evening, that colleague’s motor cycle had got punctured and I had attended him with a rescue team.
Some places, some songs and some people suddenly remind you of some life’s incidents so strongly that you go speechless for a while. And then you take a little time to come out of the strong influences of those past memories.

That is why, somebody has rightly said, “With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything.”

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