Thursday, June 12, 2014

A realization that came up while Googling

From the pen APN
In the last few years my brain has learnt not to depend on memory but to rely on Google. It is devastating as I know but the ease of not consuming my brain is highly alluring as compared to press my palms on my cheek and then wreck my brain for a piece of information. Searching through Google is like firing a guided missile to its target which has both speed and accuracy but remembering facts is like throwing a knife at the target by hand. In the latter case there may be hit or miss if you are not adept in your art. And perfecting an art is a matter of great effort and practice.

Now the question is how many of us would like to master the art of remembering things by proper training of their minds. Very few will devote their time to build a razor-sharp memory. It is because no one will like to travel on a bicycle by straining physically i.e. pushing the paddles, if he/she has the resources of traveling on Mercedes Benz. Although paddling on the cycle strengthens your muscles and lengthens your stamina, the journey by a car is preferred. The undeniable fact of life is that we are very much comfort loving.

As a citizen of the poorest of the poor state like Odisha (which is also in some way self-labelled) I easily find countless examples which can be cited to explain the dangerous height of human love for comfort and laziness. One of the brighter examples is our present complacent life with rice @ Rs 1 per kg. Similarly, importing bulk amounts of fish, potatoes, onion, etc from neighboring states to nourish our love for comfort has left us at the mercy of others. Our LAZINESS is slanting down the curve of our state’s economic growth and we are likely to make ourselves the worst beggars of a nation. 

At such a juncture, do not we need a change in our attitude or acts? 

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