Friday, January 30, 2015

In praise of a calm face

In the calmness of her face the nagging pains of life are forgotten. In her modest smile the spring season is set around. And when she walks away I miss her as someone so close to my heart.
I know it very well that only for a short while I will walk with her while gently sharing her smiles, silences and her thoughtfully concerned expressions. But I will always hold her in my good opinion and the memory of being with her will be my greatest joy.
She understands what pains me. She slowly expresses that she cares for me. In her silent expressions she looks like a pink rose that is refreshed in the early morning’s dew drops.
Today she had combed her hair in a different style. But that style did not go well with her sweet face. I wanted to see her as she was in her first day. I wanted to see her as she was- unchanged and uncorrupted. But change is inevitable. She will change slowly and slowly and the pristine beauty will be mixed with the mud and impurities of the adult world.
By the time that happens I wish that I am at a farther distance from her and I remain ignorant of her change. And I am still lovingly lost in her purest of pure smiles, innocent looks and incomprehensible love.

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