Saturday, March 7, 2015


(A mini-story)
From the pen APN

 She was a charming girl. She had grace and very beautiful smiles. She looked innocent. But as you know no girl on earth is innocent or remains innocent for long, she also denied remaining innocent any longer. Soon she cast off her innocence and proved that she also belongs to the common category. And she is no different from others. 

Few days back, I used to compliment her because I wanted to make her goodness shine more brightly. Slowly she gained more confidence and competence. She looked more beautiful and felt more brilliant. And one day she thought that by not valuing my appreciation she could cause me pain. 

Most girls do posses such dangerous traits to devalue their admirers’ worth. And I call this attitude the DROPPING OFF THE SHIELD OF INNOCENCE. Be aware of them. Never take such incidents to your heart. 

This evening she saw me and turned her face to other side engaging her eyes irrelevantly. I walked past her but she did not acknowledge my presence. I smiled at the folly of that girl because she miscalculated my worth. I am not what she understood me and she is not what I used to think.

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