Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hudhud...... A self analysis

Hudhud...... A self analysis
From the pen APN
Many trees that stood tall for ages are now lying flat with their roots out of the earth cave. Power saws are put into action to cut the fallen trees into transportable sizes. Logs are still lying by the road side and I drive past by them. Some men are working on restoring the electricity. A transmission cable is lowly hanging down. My car now stops at the cable. Two men come forward and hold the cable up with their raised hands and I move through the arch of their hands. I put the window glasses down to say the words of thanks to the men who are diligently fighting with the wrath of Hudhud. I see the sweat covered faces of those men and behind them I see houses whose roofs are blown by the gale.  
(This is how I experienced the after effect of Hudhud on my return journey to Malkangiri)
During Hudhud cyclone I am at Bhubaneswar. The state capital has nothing to worry about. The malls are open and people are seen marketing. On this day I change the covers of my car seat because the cobbler is relatively unoccupied on account of Hudhud. It is raining hard but life is normal.
On my return, my wife gets inside the car and insists on taking her to a mall. I choose to get her wish fulfilled. It is raining. The music is on the play and the roads are with lesser traffic. The ambience is wonderfully romantic. And the only mother of my only child is smiling charmingly.  In the mall she gets all her chosen products in return of her smiles and ungrudgingly I have to empty my wallet.
It is too late to cook food in home so we dined in a restaurant where dimmed lights and instrumental music accompanied our dinner.
Sitting before the laptop I write and repent. I analyse my shortcomings and insensitivities. When I am in SITUATION 1, I never think of SITUATION 2. I DO NOT GO VOLUNTARILY TO DROP A CHEQUE OF DONATION IN PM’S/CM’S RELIEF FUND. SHALL I CONTINUE LIKE THIS????????????    

Monday, September 29, 2014


From the pen APN 

That day, in a prominently visible place, she was confidently sitting with all her charm, appeals and ALLURING BEAUTY like a flame of burning fire. 

She is beautiful, intelligent and talented. She is matured and very stable. So in the name of love she will not commit any mistake. But she will love to make others mad after her. Her beauty smells so....

But I am no more like the foolish fly that will abruptly and impulsively jump into the flames of her magical charm. So I deliberately opted to stand at a safe distance and see her pearl like teeth shining in between her parted lips. Although I kept a safe distance, I was strongly compelled to think of her. She smiled most alluringly and my heart beat loudly for her. And I was damn sure that she would smile more and more till I was miserably trapped in her love-net.  But this time I had resolved to keep my body, mind and soul intact and unhurt. Seeing her smile attractively, l smiled back but l dreaded to involve my heart which often create oceans of colourful hopes and then drown me like a weak unhappy creature. 

That is why, this time, although she smilingly circled around me in all dazzles and flashes, I neither asked for her number nor for her email id. I left her unnoticed. And I moved farther. However, for a long time her smiles echoed in my ears......   

Sunday, September 28, 2014


From the pen APN

Oh! God I am so deeply thankful to you that my eyes become teary. I am grateful to you God because when my son slowly approaches me, holds my face with his two little hands and looking deeply into my eyes places before me his lists of demands, I am able to say confidently that very soon I will get you what you have asked for. 

I am speechless and I now lose myself in your thoughts because You have taken complete care of me and my family so lovingly and so kindly.