Monday, March 27, 2017

While I walk…

-From the pen-APN-

Everybody listens but nobody understands. Everybody smiles but no one feels. Everybody is a companion but no one is a friend…
I think and walk. And the wind, the sky and the earth all walk with me. I listen to their songs. In the nothingness of human relation, they bring forth something subtle and something convincing of the continuum of life, something esoteric and something of the uncaged freedom.      
I stand with the meditative trees and feel some sunshine. Vision expands and the kernel of ego dies out. A silent and feeble sigh goes out and I feel light as the feather…
I walk and walk. I generate some heat and some sweat and the heart pumps more blood. The boots click. And birds fly over my head. And I woke to the world again…
The sun will set in the west and the lady in the house will light a lamp and will say her evening prayers. And I have to return again collecting my fragmented individuality…my broken pieces. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy Marriage Anniversary

-From the pen APN-

“While walking on life’s journey, someone meets and coyly holds your hand and begins to walk with you. Often she longingly looks to your face and gradually finds her faith in you and then slowly lowers her glance in a blushing smile and then looks in the direction you have been looking. Your world and her world mingle and you both walk together. On your way sometimes you both realise that the journey had begun a few years ago and today it has been 8 years and 10 days to that sweet start.”

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Effort by effort a winner is moulded

From the pen APN
Brick by brick a mansion is made and effort by effort a winner is moulded. Stay motivated and sing the song of life. Be convinced of the divine origin that you carry in the form of a human being. Stay assured that the sun will shine and the darkness will subside; the warmth will reawaken new glory and another puff of fresh air will blow your hair. With closed eyes, realise you are infinite possibilities. You are a human, the best creation of the whole universe.

Smile and appreciate that you can dream. Start walking towards your dreams and touch your dreams. Feel the sparkle of your fulfilled dreams. And then shine brightly like a sun and fill warmth and light in someone else’s life. And be a sun in someone’s sky and show the seeker light, truth and an awakened life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Advance Rose Day

From the pen APN

When I opened a new chapter of my life’s book, I saw a different world with a stiff cliff which I had to climb. My old world was no more as before. My old world had dropped off somewhere. My old friends who were once my fellow-travelers had to bid farewell and they all remained behind and I could only carry them in my memory and heart. No one among them dared follow me because my journey was beyond the comfort zone into an unknown future. But……But…you followed me.A whole world was left behind but you carried another tiny but happy world around me and whispered in a mellifluous tone into my ears, “ I still follow you because you mean a world to me.” Life started shining with new hopes and I smiled thankfully, held your hands in mine and could not but say, “ Happy Rose Day one day before.”  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Triranga Palau…..

From the pen APN
When the flag was unfurled and the flower petals fluttered down and the tricolour billowed in a gust of lively wind, my head was held high in a reawakened sense of freedom, national pride and the rich history that my country has.  
My national day celebrations began saluting the tricolour flying in the campus of a rural college. I embraced my colleagues and shared the joy of being an Indian.

I returned home. My beautiful wife was at the door with her best smiles. We sat together to dine as a way of celebrating the national day. The dishes were brought in covered pots. When I uncovered one of the bigger pots I saw the three great colours of Indian flag garnished the item. I was pushed into a trance of patriotism and thanked those millions of farmers of India who have kept me alive. It is needless to say that I thanked my wife also for making my day so warm by her fine sentiments. I asked my wife, “Dear, what is this?” She smiled and uttered, “Triranga Palau.”