Monday, July 25, 2016

Open the doors and windows of your house

From the pen APN
Open the doors and windows of your house and let the fresh air and light come in. Draw a full breath, stretch yourself reviving your life-force and then confidently start a new life which will be evidently better than your previous one. Do something new which you have never done so that your actions will reward you with a life which you have never had. Count each minute and stay focused on your pursuit of self-improvement.

Turn your thoughts, words and actions for truth and light. Be a dreamer. Be an exemplar. Be a hundred percent plus performer. And contribute your uniqueness to the vast pool of human civilization and stay blessed.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My 7th Marriage Anniversary (Woman’s Day Special)

From the pen APN
I have seen years pass as usual but some particular days in a year remind some purple time of our lives. Those days are called special days. Such special days help strengthen our emotional bonds and make us more humane. Marriage anniversary is such a day. That day it was my seventh marriage anniversary but I had no time to celebrate my marriage anniversary. My wife was with me but I was not with my wife. I was occupied with an enthusiastic audience of twenty thousand in a ‘Loko Mahotsava’ and my wife was seated alone as one among the audience. That day on the stage, which was flashing brilliantly in colored lights, amidst the applause of around twenty thousand cheering spectators, I was hosting the people’s festival of a small town. Huge sound boxes fitted at the corners of the arena were reverberating my voice from all sides. Spiritually and emotionally, I felt one with the audience and I was announcing, “Dear friends, standing on your sacred soil I feel the very truth of the words that there is only one religion in the world. And that religion is the religion of LOVE. There is only one language in the world and that is the language of HEART. And I speak to you in the language of heart.” I was announcing or speaking like this to the audience as a whole but I could not speak any special words exclusively to my wife although she was sitting very close to the stage in a reserved gallery. I wanted to thank the wonderful lady who takes every care of me and my family on the occasion of my 7th marriage anniversary but the stage did not allow me and I continued otherwise,  “Friends, we are here to celebrate life and realize the essence of humanity. I hope in your thunderous clapping, we will welcome the dawn of the brotherhood and fellow-feeling among us…………….. ”   
The words of good feelings, unity and peace that I was constantly infusing among the audience as an anchor to the programme was powerfully generating an extremely positive vibration in that small town. For last two days I was giving the best of my feelings to the people gathered there. As a result, I was also reaping a lot of love from my audience because I was speaking there with all my love to the responsive audience gathered there.
In the middle of the programme a number of times I felt the moral obligation to unite with my wife and family because that day meant a lot to my wife. I wanted to leave the place earlier so that I could celebrate my marriage anniversary at home. I had already intimated the organizers about my intentions to take leave from the stage before time. The organizers or the committee members did not want to part with us because they had become very close to me in a short time. They were silenced for a moment at my decision to leave the place before giving a good end to the function but they had to accede to my requests. So waving my hands to the happy audience, I handed over the microphone to another talented presenter and left the stage and met my wife in the audience. When I was about to step out from the audience, a big surprise came from the stage. The music group played one of the best ever love song, “Humko Hamise churalo, dil mey kahin pey tum chupalo” and the presenter requested me and my wife to come upon stage. He also called all the distinguished guests of that evening to present me and my wife a memento on the occasion of my 7th marriage anniversary. It was the best moment of my life because twenty thousand happy human beings could become a part of my marriage anniversary. When my wife climbed the stage she was looking extremely beautiful with her signature smile. She looked like a lovely rose. In the height of pure joy and love, I spontaneously sang out two lines of a song and dedicated it to my beautiful smiling wife. The atmosphere was soon filled loud cheers and applause of 20 thousand blessed human beings.        
The natural law, ‘Love begets Love’ was fulfilled once again.
My wife was once again requested to present a certificate of appreciation to me on behalf of the organizers. All the guests were clapping. The stage was brilliantly lighted and the public was cheering and clapping. My wife was happy and blushing at the same time and then slowly she presented the beautifully framed golden colored certificate to me, which told, “It is your rare specialty that on stage you speak from your heart and you speak sincerely about the timeless message of love and brotherhood. You feel it deep within yourself and then you attempt to spread it honestly. You shower the finest of human sensibilities on your audience by speaking from your heart while capturing live words from the melodious fountains of your sacred emotions. You may not go with the reasoning of the mind but you always follow the wisdom of heart. You are what you are. You love and you conquer. Let your life grow in the elixir of Love and Joy”

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Best New Year Greetings

(A short story written on the occasion of NEW YEAR’s DAY 2016) 
From the Pen-APN

With tearful eyes a lovely girl walked away from the college hostel waving a sad farewell both to her hostel and her college. On that day, her father had come with a strong resolution to take her to a new college. And she, like a good girl, came with all her belongings. Her old friends had walked with her up to the hostel gate to bid her adieu. She was sighing sorrowfully and her face was buried in her palms to hide her inmost anguish at leaving her old college. 
She had to leave the college and she had gone with tearful eyes to join in some other college.
Although her untimely departure from the college in the middle of the academic session had surprised me, I, being her teacher, did not feel right to enquire much. Moreover, in a big college where you have thousands of teen aged students such incidents are overlooked. So I did not ask her father about the cause and circumstances behind his abrupt decision to put his daughter into a new college.  But that girl’s crying innocent face had lingered in my mind for many days…….
For a good many days that girl’s name was still on the students’ attendance register although she had already taken her Transfer Certificates. By mistake, the office had forgotten to strike off her name from the attendance register. As a result, while calling the roll numbers, in the class, I used to mark absent against her roll number.
One day the clerk handed me a newly updated attendance register and in that new register her name had been excluded from the existing students’ list……   
Life goes on.
When the old year draws to an end, another year spreads its colored wings to have a new start. It was New Year’s Day. I was playing with my five-year old son. My son was laughing and giggling with me. At this time the polyphonic ringtone of my mobile called my attention. An unknown phone number was flashing on the screen. When I picked the call, a sweet voice of a girl from the other side conveyed me one of the most happy and bubbly New Year’s Day greetings. The cheerful voice unmistakably belonged to that girl who had left our college in teary eyes and grief-stricken voice. Suddenly, a kind of love that I invariably feel for my son got channelized through my mobile and I asked the girl, “What about my little doll? Is she crying anymore?” A happy reply came, ‘No Sir,’ and then it was followed by a wave of delightful giggles like that of my tender-aged son’s.
That day I had just talked a few words to that girl but I was really happy because it made me realize that if I had a daughter, I would talk to her like that. And it was truly awesome to feel like a daddy of a beautiful girl. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A few lines in praise of Dilwale Sunil Grover

(Dear Readers, to understand the true emotional value of this piece of writing I request your goodself to watch the video link first)

From the pen APN

Breaking my long silence, or in other words overcoming the writer’s block, I could write today because a well-known comedian’s exceptional performance struck the strings of my heart so deeply that my arteries of emotions which had dried up for more than a month showed new signs of resuscitation. The credit for refilling my veins with fresh emotion goes to the highly talented comedian Mr.Sunil Grover, who, by his impeccable performance, produced a rare type of DEEWANGEE in the show which was aired on 20 Dec, 2015. The wave of heightened romanticism which was generated by the comedian was worthy of viewers’ standing ovation.
Hats off to Mr.Sunil Grover, the man who appears before us as Gutthi in Comedy Nights with Kapil. He is awesome and worthy of all my respect so I cannot but  write these lines acknowledging his soulful comedy that he recently performed in presence of SRK on the tunes of the song Gerua from Dilwale 2015.  
You may not feel what I feel about the act. We may differ from each other in our respective perceptions. And I may not make you realize how I feel but I need you to acknowledge that there was something beneath the comedy which strongly moved my feelings. On the said act his each movement was mysterously engraving his romantic and spiritual impressions on my heart. With all his heart, Mr.Grover was presenting a tribute to SRK in the very presence of SRK. It is nothing new but the uniqueness of the act surfaced when Mr.Grover’s distinctive style of a comedian got spontaneously fused with the sensitivity of a highly romantic person like SRK. The two types of characters got so perfectly mingled in Mr.Grover during the act that it created a homogeneous mixture of pure joy, a joy that had a spiritual appeal. The characteristic romantic vein of SRK and the heightened sense of tribute of Mr. Grover were so well balanced and so well integrated that it had a spiritual expression of unity, love, harmony and emotion.
As a result at the end of the show, I could feel how an emotionally charged man can reflect unsullied poetry and intense romanticism on stage although he spoke nothing before the audience and performed an act of pure comedy. 
Poets, lovers and lunatics are made up of the same stuff. And to be a lover means you are a person who enjoys his/her madness. And in a mad but mesmerizing act, Mr.Grover’s love for SRK exudes a symbolic meaning that the eternal spring of love that bubble up in human heart for another fellow human-being irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex and social status.  


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Enlightening High Blood Pressure

From the pen-APN
The readings on the Blood Pressure machine went up and up and up and finally the readings told that I have very high blood pressure and I need strict control over my diet and habits. The discovery of high blood pressure in me was surely shocking as well as a strong warning but the next moment I felt it to enlighten my views on life. For a moment I thought how thoughtlessly and irresponsibly I have squandered away my youthful times. I have achieved almost nothing in the bygone years when I was more active and efficient. I was careless and did not have a specific goal in the preceding years. I never minded when I had become the victim of under utilization of my capabilities and my faculties. As a result money, success, glory and its synonymous greatness, as understood in common parlance, were always beyond my reach. In short, I can say I had given the reigns of my life to external agencies which never considered the real worth of the human being inside me.
I have no rights to raise any issue or any complain because I had primarily failed to estimate the true worth of myself. So I never aimed at greatness. My life cannot be taken as an exemplary life till date. However, I am not hopeless. There are numerous examples strewn all over the human history that many great men were very ordinary and obscure in their earlier lives before they stumbled upon true greatness. Such examples invariably bring new hopes and new energy to start life anew with changed terms and conditions. I was in a fifty/fifty situation. It was because I never knew whether I have a second innings or I have already run out of my allotted time.
I was looking at the blinking heart icon of the monitor while the physician was taking the blood pressure readings. And at the same time I earnestly prayed and hoped for discovering a treasure trove of humanity before the blinking heart icon departs from me.
My physician looked rather serious at the worsening condition of my heart. I looked into his eyes, got up from my seat and in the style of Rajesh Khanna, in the movie Anand, I sermonized, “Oh Doctor! Why worry? Be happy. In my youth I had heat in my blood and…… now there is pressure in my blood.” Drawing my face close to Doctor’s, optimistically and enthusiastically, I concluded, “And this pressure will push my engine on the track to greatness…..Yahooo! The journey begins now. ”