Saturday, February 11, 2017

Effort by effort a winner is moulded

From the pen APN
Brick by brick a mansion is made and effort by effort a winner is moulded. Stay motivated and sing the song of life. Be convinced of the divine origin that you carry in the form of a human being. Stay assured that the sun will shine and the darkness will subside; the warmth will reawaken new glory and another puff of fresh air will blow your hair. With closed eyes, realise you are infinite possibilities. You are a human, the best creation of the whole universe.

Smile and appreciate that you can dream. Start walking towards your dreams and touch your dreams. Feel the sparkle of your fulfilled dreams. And then shine brightly like a sun and fill warmth and light in someone else’s life. And be a sun in someone’s sky and show the seeker light, truth and an awakened life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Advance Rose Day

From the pen APN

When I opened a new chapter of my life’s book, I saw a different world with a stiff cliff which I had to climb. My old world was no more as before. My old world had dropped off somewhere. My old friends who were once my fellow-travelers had to bid farewell and they all remained behind and I could only carry them in my memory and heart. No one among them dared follow me because my journey was beyond the comfort zone into an unknown future. But……But…you followed me.A whole world was left behind but you carried another tiny but happy world around me and whispered in a mellifluous tone into my ears, “ I still follow you because you mean a world to me.” Life started shining with new hopes and I smiled thankfully, held your hands in mine and could not but say, “ Happy Rose Day one day before.”  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Triranga Palau…..

From the pen APN
When the flag was unfurled and the flower petals fluttered down and the tricolour billowed in a gust of lively wind, my head was held high in a reawakened sense of freedom, national pride and the rich history that my country has.  
My national day celebrations began saluting the tricolour flying in the campus of a rural college. I embraced my colleagues and shared the joy of being an Indian.

I returned home. My beautiful wife was at the door with her best smiles. We sat together to dine as a way of celebrating the national day. The dishes were brought in covered pots. When I uncovered one of the bigger pots I saw the three great colours of Indian flag garnished the item. I was pushed into a trance of patriotism and thanked those millions of farmers of India who have kept me alive. It is needless to say that I thanked my wife also for making my day so warm by her fine sentiments. I asked my wife, “Dear, what is this?” She smiled and uttered, “Triranga Palau.”     

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Yesterday I saw a speaker speaking …….

From the pen APN

Yesterday I saw a speaker speaking in the auditorium of my college. He ruthlessly drew my attention to the abject poverty and continuing inactivity and lethargy of Odisha people. The people of Odisha enjoy 1 rupee rice; engage themselves in cheap entertainment and conduct no productive activity. Once a valiant race is now sinking deeper and deeper into sheer effeminacy. And the situation is gloomily spiralling into the abysmal degeneration of a hitherto self-sufficient, self-reliant race. 

I was stunned and deeply felt the gravity of his point. But I was somewhat relieved when he painted a hopeful picture that exclusively centred around the generation Y. 

"Strong actions, bold steps and determined attitude of the Odisha Youth are the only hope which may ameliorate such despicable situations of our race.  


Writing romantic poetry, watching teleserials, staging record dance, boozing by the roadside cannot help anymore. Work…..Work….Work….Work……Work with all dedication; take all responsibilities on your shoulders. Exert yourselves to the fullest limit, ye the youths of Odisha, and redesign the fate of this lovely wonderful state.  

We are the change makers and we shall wake up from the torpor because Odisha shall rise again."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Govindapally in the last 10 years

From the pen APN

I have been staying in a tiny village named Govindapally for the last 10 years. It is at the entrance of Malkangiri district, which is not only one of the most backward districts of Odisha but also of India. I must mention that Malkangiri, Koraput, Nabarangpur, Kalahandi and Rayagada districts of Odisha hold the dubious distinction of having a negative association with poverty, starvation and deprivation. 

However, in the last 10 years, many things have gradually changed here. Progress has come slowly and stealthily to the village and has changed the inhabitants’ lives silently. The gradual transformation stretched over a decade, has taken place so sluggishly that the resulting changes do not call your attention immediately. Although some progress has been made, the rate of change is invariably at a snail’s pace. 

Today many residents of the village cannot accept the fact that the fruits of social progress which are so easily available to them now were beyond their reach a few years ago. For example, the buses, which used to halt at the roadside earlier, now have a spacious well-planned bus-stand. Now more and more buses ply through the village. And with the increase of traffic, the single roads are now being converted into double roads. The bulldozers have cleaned illegal roadside encroachments to pave the way for widening the road. (After few days you may see a good number of toll-gates on the same highway to suck money from you). Now the local residents do not have to cover a distance of 15 kilometres for bank transactions. Their village is on the road to progress. As a sign of progress, a nationalised bank with ATM facility has come up. The bank’s ATM smiles round the clock with its glow signboards. Now, the villagers do not have to ride 50 kilometres to Balimela (an NAC) to refill their cooking gas cylinders. The Gas Agencies take pleasure in ensuring home delivery of gas cylinders to every consumer. Similarly, a couple of bike showrooms with glass rooms and well to do receptionists have recently come up displaying the latest trendy bikes of their respective brands for sale. Extending railway connectivity to the district is also in the pipeline. 

New mobile service providers are erecting their signal towers and promising better coverage, better quality at lesser tariff. New dhabas (hotels) decorated with fairy lights dazzle at night with sweet-smelling delicious dishes. Today you have a restaurant and you see a number of vehicles parked in front of the restaurant. The number of shops has been doubled in the recent years. The market has grown and the value of land in the village has soared up. The inhabitants who own business stalls or houses and give them on rent basis are greatly happy at the growth of the village. Such house owners unconsciously wear a broad lasting smile in public places. They smile at the prospect of the new found pleasing worth of their property. The other day, a grocery shopkeeper and another owner of a ready-made dress material shop, who were renovating their shops, claimed before me that their initiations are nothing but the pioneering steps to import a mall-culture into the village. 

In these years many schools are rampantly upgraded and new hostels with colossal height, width and breadth are constructed. However, teachers are engaged on a contract basis to educate the students on a temporary basis in those permanent structures. The Government lays stress on creating proper infrastructure but forgets about appointing quality teachers with proper salary structure. Education and health care are the two non-profitable sectors which are severely hit in our state in the last two decades. No Government sincerely gives due care to these two sectors. The community health centre of the village used to have a qualified doctor but later on the post of doctor remained regularly vacant. Now the community health centre is run at the mercy of other paramedical staff. The pharmacist has replaced the service of the doctor and the people of the locality including myself are well-adapted to it. One month back I discovered that a young doctor wearing a stethoscope around his neck was sitting in the doctor’s chamber. My joy knew no bounds. I wished the doctor a happy stay in the village. As the rain comes rarely to deserts, so a doctor is rarely found in the Health Center of Govindapally. 

In the year 2006 when I had come to this place to join as a lecturer, I was home-sick. At that time the mobile service of BSNL had provided enough consolation and mental support to me. The physical distance between me and my parents had been greatly bridged up by the mobile phone. But today I see the local BSNL office is unkempt, dilapidated and largely hidden behind an unwanted bushy growth of grass and other useless plants. The only operator who works there and shoulders all responsibility for the last 12 years has lost all his sincerity. It is because he is made to work contractually for a paltry sum Rs 6000/- for the last 12 years, without any career growth.
Now many private mobile network companies are vying to grab the business opportunity in this area. Last week, I saw many excavators digging trenches by the roadside to lay the network for Reliance Jio in Govindapally. I hope the internet connectivity issues will soon be resolved by the advent of this network in this locality.