Wednesday, April 11, 2018


From the pen-APN

For a relationship, utterly foul,
I staked all my soul,
And I was flung into cursed hellfire
Of betrayal and illicit desire

With eyes shut and mind puzzled,
With broken heart and spirits muddled,
I was sliced and halved,
Poisoned and almost dead,

Because you cruelly grinned,
A vampire, devilish and wretched,
Crouched on the callous desert
Of treachery and deceit

So all emotions I strangled to cessation,
All memories I buried in oblivion, 
All fond relationships I threw to Sea,
And I killed someone in me

And hoped my resilient mind will seal,
And the sunny heart will heal,
The wounds on my back

To keep me on life’s track

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

When I Walked out of Her Life (a one-page story series)

From the pen APN
Friends and foes are never constant in life. The stream of life proves one thing unfailingly that you cannot step the same water twice.
In this life, at a point of time, she came, shone for a while with the brightest of colours and the sweetest of smiles. Then I made her vanish from my life because I could not withhold her anymore. I could not learn my higher realities while using all my faculties and energies to hold her within the confinements of my being. Slowly I learnt she was not mine and she was a coveted prize of many seekers. She was capricious and she was mercuric and that was the beauty of her nature. That trait of her nature to become constantly inconstant added strange attractiveness to her nature and many a hearts would die for it.
One day I was also pining for her and I was fighting gallantly to claim her to be mine but the truth was that she was not meant only for me. She was just like a bubbling stream to flow into any favourable direction with instant changes and compromises but I was too hard and granitic to allow her such free course of meandering motions.
There were inevitable tussles and a dreadful destruction of the early rainbows of romance. Finally, I did something manly. All of a sudden I decided to walk out of her ways and gifted her back her lost freedom and her old life. And I walked away as a new confident man who never curbs other’s freedom and I walked away as one who can live by himself in peace, joy and balance forgetting all hurts and harboring no gumption because ‘I am what I am: a unique entity and a lone star shining with my own light.’ 
My entire world changed instantly.  
Today I do not listen to sad songs that describe the heartaches of a disappointed lover. I no more feel the pangs of a lost love. My heart is healed and I listen to the happy song ‘Bom Diggy Diggy Bom Bom’ (A latest Bollywood song with peppy music. Check it out on the web, you will love it!)
It took more than a month to digest all the pains and emerge once again as a confident man to face life with the brightest of smiles. And now I give the heartiest smiles and feel one with the limitless sky and I shine too with my own light.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

An Echo from the Hearts of TSDians on the Occasion of Dr.B.P.Mahaptra’s Superannuation

From the pen-APN, 31st March 2018

“A lovable person among us who is always seen in a white shirt and deep-coloured trousers has subtly carved the most indelible impressions on our lives in the last 1 year 9 months and 2 days at TSD College.”

Silent but dignified, simple but introspective, friendly but non-interfering, as you are, you elicit the best of emotions and regards from the very core of our hearts. To impress by not trying to impress, to speak volumes by not speaking a word, to influence magically at the subconscious level by exerting no conscious efforts are some of the wonderful aspects of your life and profession which will never cease to amaze us. And we, the staff members of TSD College, dream for that unique stoicism which is so natural a trait in you.

The fingers that touch a fragrant flower will exude the same fragrance for a while and in the same way, any person who comes in contact with Dr Bhagabati Prasad Mahapatra will exude the same joy of being humble, natural and simple. 

By observing your professionalism, we have learnt how to be a thinker and philosopher who makes self-analysis from moment to moment. We also have learnt from you how to refine our views and approaches towards life and then invent productive and exemplary modes of living that will ultimately enrich humanity at large.   

We know not when and how you affixed your signature-impressions in the core of our hearts by your abnormally normal disposition and gorgeously simple lifestyle and last but not the least by your uncommonly commonsense of life, education and literature.  

We thank you and pray for a glorious life ahead. And at the same time, we love you and feel for you with the deepest of our emotions and feelings on this last working day of your eventful professional life.

With Regards,
Yours Sincerely,

All your Colleagues

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The ‘Arisa’ cake-maker

From the Pen-APN
A few months back when I was talking with that man, he seemed to be a dexterous entrepreneur. He used to sell ‘Arisa’ cake in a tin box laden on the carrier of a bicycle by the road-side of Bhanjanagar Market. He described me a lot about many Odia delicacies. And then he offered me a piece of his Arisha Cake (a type of Odia traditional cake made from jaggery) and at the same time, he extolled the speciality of the cake from the viewpoint of Odia culture. He had a pleasing smile and appealing communication skills. That day I was very much impressed both by the taste of his ‘Arisa’ Cake and his way of presenting the cultural value of the said dish. 
That day I had bought 6 pieces of the said cake and I went home to relish it with my family.
Today I met the same man in the same place in the same fashion but this time the genuine smile was eclipsed by some inner pain. The man seemed to be defeated by some unknown troubles.  I could not find the previous enthusiasm in his voice. He told, “Sir I struggled in this market for one year but I failed.” I was surprised because the taste of his ‘Arisa’ cake was unique and it obviously puzzled me why the classic product could not take off. Reading the expression of my concerned face he went on explaining, “Sir, people now call themselves modern and junk food with ‘China Salt’ (Monosodium Glutamate) is more appealing to their taste buds. And now in the name of culture, my business can no more stand. People have made junk food a fashion although it is unhealthy”
I realized the truth. At the same time, I could see how the youth of the town were swarming to a nearby fast food centre at the other side of the road and hanging around the heated pan on the oven that was frying earthworm-like noodles with lightning fast hand movements of a sweating cook. And I was the lone customer of that Arisa cake maker standing with him and trying to figure out the pains of a struggler, with his traditional know-how and values, who is fighting hard to overcome the blinding ads, a glamorous restaurant set up and the endemic junk food culture.      
I paid him Rs 70/- and carried my parcel of 7 pieces of cakes with no words to speak as I had no consolation to offer. And I left the cake seller alone in the busy road imagining and feeling sad about how my culture meets a dead end under the pressures of an invading culture like Chinese noodles, soup and other junk food.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Your Smile is not Fairy like Anymore….

From the Pen-APN

Your smile is not that much fairylike anymore. I had linked my soul to your happily beaming face. But to my surprise now you go on showering your beauty and charm lavishly on any co-traveller you encounter on your way.
I get perplexed at your indiscriminate treatment of them who could never be serious lovers like me. Although you say, “All my beauty and youth is only for you,” you offer your beauty and youth to others packaged with lucrative smiles and inviting talks. You say you are all for me but when one day I found you are conspiring with a new comer to share your womanly love, I was utterly confused about my place in your life. You labelled the new guy simply as an acquaintance but you treated him more than your husband.
And I am hurt today because one day you had treated me more than your husband who is still alive and now you treat the new entrant more than me when both your husband and I are alive.
I simply say, “Oh! Shit,” because I am twice removed from you, first by your husband and then by the other guy.

Completely broken and deeply hurt I knock my house doors. And my pious wife opens the doors with oceans of true love in her eyes for me. She hugs me lovingly and does not know that she hugs a cheating heart that has been cheated recently by some other crafty woman.