Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Monologue of a flower


I am a flower and in my short life-time I gather the beauty of creation and bloom with pleasant colours and fragrances so that men can see the beauty of creator through me. 

I am born to spread beauty. 

I speak subtly in the language of fragrance. I soothe the eyes and cheer both heart and mind. That is why I am plucked and given to your sweet heart as a token of your love. I am happy that I symbolize love and best wishes. 

The greatest time in my life comes when a lover offers me in the hand of his beloved and the beloved blushingly receives me. And accepting me the beloved accepts in her a chain of new creation that is love-marriage-children and so on.

But in some occasions I may fall also in the hands of a person who has a calculative mind and a stony heart and who may throw me on the table carelessly and will demand for a GOLD RING because for him/her I have no lasting value as compared to the yellow metal.

I do not know what hate is. That is why 20 years after when a ditched lover opens a book and discovers my dried corpse from the folds of the book, he places his hands on me, closes his eyes and draws a long breath. And from the corner of his closed eyes drops of shining tear come out. I am a witness of his love and he has preserved me carefully although his love-life was unsuccessful. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What makes me live exclusively to myself

From the pen APN

Interacting with ideas and the laptop seems safer than communicating with other people around me. When I start positively with gestures of friendship, I find the responses of people around me to be too raw and bitter to put up with. And what I feel is that I have a very little patience. So I burst with fire and sound like a filament of an electric bulb whose fuse now blows out. Such violent outbursts cause momentary glare but in the succeeding calmness there is darkness or a dead stop. 

This is what makes me live exclusively to myself.

Friday, June 27, 2014


From the pen APN

Closing my eyes I tried my utmost to silence many incoherent thought-waves that were appearing in my mind. I reclined on a revolving chair in the lecturer’s common room and slowly sank into the deeper realms of my being. I journeyed deeper and deeper into my being and became oblivious of time and my surroundings.

Breathing deeply I collected myself and consoled myself for being alive.Now I thanked the providence because I was not dead and above all I had some more time to live my life and follow my dreams. I slowly opened my eyes. The wall clock hanging above the world map in the common room told that it was mid-day.I saw the college peon, a man in his forties, dusting the office files and papers. He was completely absorbed in his own job. He had no time to read my mental reactions. Moreover, he did not know that I was observing him. I saw him and found that there was a rare level of satisfaction surrounding his face. He was lost in his wok and his satisfaction was nothing but the mark of his complete absorption in his job. He was truly meditating while on duty-the true karma yogi.

I told myself that I shut my eyes and need silence to experience meditation. However, he makes meditation happen in his normal activities by showing single-minded dedication to his duty.

Means differ but the goal is same.