Sunday, April 4, 2010

The fear to get lost in the average crowd often grips the mind. The true potential within could not come out in full bloom because of our excessive pre-occupation with the trivialities of life. The under utilization of human faculties disallows greater achievements. The will and efforts to extract the best performance from one's own self always lacks a strong edge. Therefore, constant motivation for a higher growth should be a part of daily thinking. A noble vision accompanied with sincere devoted action will transform our life into a mission. Somewhere I had read that man is endowed with the tremendous power of imagination and divine skills through which he can VISUALIZE, PAYERIZE AND ACTUALIZE all the wonderful things of life. Listen to the inner call. Discover for what noble cause you can spare your whole life-time. Be fully convinced of your convictions. And set out in your life's mission waving the flag of "HELP EVER, HURT NEVER." message. After a tiresome journey if your eyes are closed even on the sands of a hot blazing desert, be assured that your life will be an honourable example of meaningful living.

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