Friday, April 27, 2012

a broader vision of our own selves

Numerous human forms appear and disappear on world stage. Few find a little description on the pages of history and others fade from the stage like the morning mist. There are a few people who could stretch their rays of influence and inspiration for centuries and set new standards of living a life. In between these two categories of people, one category of people spend their total lives solving or caring for their family-affairs and the other group of people thinks and feels for others’ problems and sufferings. Their sympathy and love for others develop and generate greater capabilities. They become a spark of divinity and kindle millions of hearts with a universal vibe of love and compassion. And the avalanche of pure thoughts and feelings sustain the human race for the future. 

ARE WE EVER THINKING TO RAISE THE HUMAN STANDARDS BY ACTING UPON IN OUR IMMEDIATE SURROUNDINGS? Let us raise a resolute step towards a broader vision of our own selves.

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