Monday, April 2, 2012

Just be in harmony with Nature

The white capped waves came dancing & spread at the shore. White clouds floated in the sky’s immense blueness. The reddish sun and its slanting golden rays fell on the light orange sand. Some white pebbles that lay on the sand-bed twinkled. The beach acquired a golden colour and the people moving there looked livelier and more radiant.

At a little distance a little boy was constructing a temple in sand. A big wave came and washed away the sand-temple. The wave went into the sea and soon came another wave. But there was no sand construction to wash away.  The boy gave a penetrating look into the sea-waves. He put his little hands on his waist and paused a while. Now he amazingly sped up his little hands and constructed a new temple for each wave to wash it away. He would construct a new temple with each wash by the mighty waves. He now played with the waves. The waves and the boy’s dexterous hand-movements, synchronized so well that the activity became an enjoyable game.

The sun looked smilingly at the playful boy and with its last rays reminded the boy that he should go home for his evening studies. The boy waved a hand to the waves and walked away……..And the footprints of the boy on the washed up sands wrote, “Life is a game and adversities makes the Life-game more interesting. Just be in harmony with Nature.”

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