Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A free play of disjointed thoughts

My pen had dried. So I could not write for days. But today evening somebody pricked my heart with a pointed weapon and my heart bled. I filled my pen with my blood and set to write. I have heart and blood and I feel pain so I write………..
‘Sampoong’ is a name whom I encounter in the cyber space. He had left a beautiful presentation on POLITICS. I viewed the presentation and was happy to know that how politics rapes us every day with or without our consent. I am a common man and I know how to resent and then keep quiet. And the world goes on as it is.
For a moment I was struck with a moral dilemma. I thought what to do and what not to do but at last like others I took the option which was convenient to me. Because I live a life of convenience and the rules of morality are now the stuff of theory……
I read about a scientist who was great in the eyes of the world and himself. He had paused and had wrecked his precious brain in silence to find out the name of another scientist who could be intellectually on a par with him…..
I saved the barber’s phone in my contact book. So next time I will not crowd his shop sitting in a queue. But he has to pause his job of hair dressing of a gentle man in the middle to receive my call. Let him solve his problem.
America’s economy is degenerating. I learnt it from the newspaper. …….Oh I see my heart has stopped bleeding now but the wound is still there. See you tomorrow.

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