Sunday, May 20, 2012


I dreamt of her. I dreamt of love, roses and a moon lit night with her. I dreamt of her soft body in my arms. I imagined that I kissed her. So I stood before her and offered my precious heart. She took my heart and I became strangely happy. I forgot myself in between her kiss-locked lips. Her touch of lips penetrated my soul. And as such, I was completely sold to her. I was sold in the love-market with my whole-heart.
After some days I saw her buying vegetables. I went near her. I knew she was mine so I smiled at her but surprisingly she did not recognize me. I could not find what was wrong. I tried to remind her about the love, roses and the moonlit night but she did not say anything. She stared at me as if I was a stranger. On my repeated entreaties she spoke…..”Women are fitted with a brain like that of the protagonist in GHAJINI and you have to bear that. “
Now I left her because she refused to recognize me and I went to see the movie (Gajini) with a big pop-corn packet but now I was WITHOUT HER.  

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