Friday, June 29, 2012

Another shade of Love.....

The wind blew your beautiful hair and you looked extremely charming. There was a smile on your face and it was now glowing in the rays of innocence and new feelings of love. It was your 16th birthday. I held your small and soft hands and kissed them. You drew closer to me. I drew a long breathe and some sweet smell of your body slowly entered into my air-pipes and then mingled with my blood. I closed my eyes……….

It was already dark. The sun had already sat in the west sky. The sky was clouded and stars were not visible. But we stayed outdoors. And in the darkness my lips touched yours and I started to melt in your softness. I woke myself from the dreamy world of romance and looked at my watch. It was half past 9 pm. I reminded it is time we went. But you stood still. You pulled my hands close to your heart and muttered, “I Love You.” Now I did not listen to you because I was double of your age. You were so innocent and tender that I could not cross my limits. Your innocent love made me love you with my full heart and I forgot myself just holding your beautiful face in my hands…….. And I lovingly left you for a right companion in your life who will love you more than me. Then I prompted you to go safely to your place. With tearful face you looked at me and went away……

That night I prayed God for you. In my prayer I wished a handsome and understanding guy for you. And I demanded God with my full right and conviction to fulfill my wishes because I HAD NOT SNATCHED INNOCENCE FROM THE INNOCENTLY BEAUTIFUL GIRL……(after viewing the film ‘CHEENI KUM’, the story came to my imagination.)  

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