Sunday, June 17, 2012

I met a heavy-weight politician

I met a heavy-weight politician and told him that I wanted to opt politics as my career. He tried to convince me that as a well-educated young man I should choose some other career. Now according to him, what does it mean?....

1.       Politics should not be the career option of young men. Perhaps only old people are best suited to the job of politicians.

2.       Well-educated people should not be interested in Politics. Because educated people are more conscious and may be difficult to tame as per party guideline.

3.       Politics is not a dependable career option.

4.       So long as the senior politicians are there, young people should not be given opportunities.

Politicians, Media, Anti-socials such as gundas and Bhai log, some officials and a good number of sycophants have a nexus of interests. And in their vicious circle they cage the prosperity of a state. Any fresher is naturally unwelcome to their collusion.

Now, let Mr. X is an honest soul who persistently spares no effort to make a room in the world of politics to serve his people and state. And he swallows all setbacks and overcomes all obstacles and finally proves himself to be an astute politician. But by the time he holds power he would find that during the process of his struggle he has lost all his high ideals for which once he had opted for a career as a politician. The film ‘NAYAK’ is a great movie for the youths to draw inspiration from. However, the appeal of reel-life cannot be expected from real-life.

Anna or Ramdev or someone like them often rises above the petty sphere of self interests. They envision a world based on high ideals. And run few miles for a Ramarajya. Hope grows and those type of people, for a while, command a strong trust and support from the common man. However, soon a time comes when these ideals are overshadowed by their followers and once again the old rule returns. It has become a universal experience that human nature is now easily swayed by selfishness. The famous book of George Orwell, “The Animal Farm” is the best illustration of this age old social ups and downs.



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