Thursday, August 30, 2012

80 kilometers to Koraput

The gods live in the sky and peep at us through the clouds-such is the widely-held belief of the people who live in a country like India. I am no more an exception. I also look skyward when I feel myself reconnecting with some invisible power that we give the name GOD.
Gazing at the sky I forget my tiny height and my limitations. I expand my hands and close my eyes breathing in some fresh air of godliness to simply remain as a sensible human being in a world that always pulls you, grabs you, and blows you apart. The sky gives me the balance, the poise to live my life. And in night we can also point at the distant stars giving them the names of whom we loved so much and are no more with us. This is relation among the sky, the stars and the man who stands on the earth but looks upward into the sky.
That day I was commuting on a friend’s new bike from a considerable distance. I had already ridden the bike for 8 hours and I had still another four hours’ journey. This biking-journey was kept secret from my family because the route, which I had to pass through, was infamous for Naxal violence. And my family members would never have allowed me to undertake such a journey alone. But at the age of 35, the whims of a teen-ager are not totally dead. And I drove ahead in the speed range of 50 to 80kmph without any care for the risks involved in such a journey.
It was the month of rain and thick clouds were chasing me. They were my companion and now I climbed a steep ghat road. I scaled a considerable height and I found myself talking to the clouds. From the top of the mountain I looked downward like God and saw great patches of green paddy fields and tiny houses all looking like small segments of lines. I was overjoyed. I stopped my bike. A misty rain was spraying all over. I stood on a rock and from that height I embraced the beautiful view with my gaze. I blessed the beautiful earth. And I felt that I am amply rewarded for undertaking the secret and adventurous journey all alone.
I thanked the beautiful place and crossed the milestone that said: 80 kilometers to Koraput.


  1. plz tell the origin and destination point of ur visit(tour),because i m very fond of bike riding and visiting long tours