Friday, August 24, 2012

A Mood Swing

The mood is set. And I feel life interesting. The common things now appear in uncommon colours and superb brilliance. I touched the mud and soaked my new leather boot in the steaming coffee-coloured waters on the road. And I walked the distance to my work place carrying an umbrella. It had been a long time when I moved under an umbrella through the market. My walk was interspersed with a natural question from the locals, “Where is your motorcycle today, Sir?”

I realized that the petrol-run machine had now become a natural outgrowth of my existence and when I went without my motorbike, it raised a concern. But those people did not realize that at the cost of soaking my new leather boot I had come out to enjoy rain. And I am walking proudly enjoying the God-gifted height of around 6 feet. Also, I save some petrol for the next generation.

The leisurely walk is a boon in life when all rush madly after worldly things.

The atmosphere was charged with all the elements of romance. The world looked fantabulous. Had there been Raveena Tandon (the sizzling hot actress in the song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’), she would have gone for the re-enactment of the remix version of the song even without asking for the payment. And such was the charm of that rainy day.

I was walking and I was humming that song- “Tip Tip Barsa Pani”

A vehicle came waving its wipers on the front glass. The wipers perfectly danced rhythmically to the tune I was humming. The vehicle moved past by me and one of its well-built tyres splashed around two-buckets of water from the muddy pool formed on the road I was walking. The splash gave me a second bath and Ms Raveena Tondon, the sizzling hot actress, and all the romantic imaginations accompanying that figure, the song and all boundless love for rain instantly got dissolved in the splashing water. The attack was not from above the umbrella; it was from under the umbrella and so its range was from tip to toe of my 6 feet human form. Now the humming of the song was replaced by a uncontrollable shout, “Bloody rascal.”

I turned back angrily and discovered equally angry and hot fumes being discharged from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. Now I questioned myself how the heroine enjoyed rolling on the water and mud and could sing so enchantingly. I concluded that rolling in reel-life rocks but in real life it shocks. The mood was utterly lost…..

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