Saturday, August 4, 2012

An inward Journey

Already 5 hours had passed by. And it was the 6th hour. Mr. Jyoti was still inside his room. And all the doors and windows of his house were bolted from inside. That day, something had happened to Sri. Jyoti Shankar and as a result he locked himself in his house. He locked himself out from the world.
When the world is hot like a frying pen and it roasts us like fish fillet, we turn to divine intervention or withdrawing ourselves inward. And today he had set out in an inward journey. His eyes were closed and he sat in a meditative mood. He sat alone. He had closed himself within himself because he saw only pitch darkness outside. Behind all his obsequious/glamorous smiles he could discover only the pangs of a shattered heart. So he needed a healing from inside. Outer consolation was utterly ineffective because inner hollowness never fills up by outer consolations.  
So He dived into the innermost pool of his life. . The inner journey was not tiresome. It was rather refreshing. The journey watered his roots with the elixir of life. And he felt light like a flying butterfly. He found an inner treasure of love. He loved himself because numberless times he had been broken into pieces and all the times he had risen like the phoenix bird. Gathering the scattered fragments he had always reconstructed his former form. 
Today that reconstruction took place so there was the TURNING IN. And this turning in had always enriched life. The clouds of confusion subsided. He felt no more dependent on the delights and consolations from others. He understood the inner splendor of his soul. And that turned him into a SOURCE of joy. He was no more a beggar who begs the largesse of others.   
He thanked the SUPREME for endowing him this amazing inner strength of resilience. He felt the aura of an inner light which lit him up with the realization that he was an undying spirit and the infernal machinations of the world could never hurt him.  
He slowly opened his eyes and got a heart which was now full of happiness. The springs of self-appreciation had made his heart fertile and he now opened the doors and windows to spread light although there was pitch darkness outside.          

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