Monday, October 22, 2012

406kms/10hrs 40 min

The morning was cloudy and it was 6.20am. I ignited my bike engine and saw the initial reading to be 22,135kms on the speedometer. Before I passed the forest check gate that marks the end of Govindapally village, I had offered around Rs 250/- as a way of Dussera Tips to the village lineman, the paper hawker, the washer-man, the hotel boy, etc. They were all so happy. In response to the tips, I was abundantly returned by their smiling gestures.
I went cutting through the moist and cold atmosphere with a heavy-bag tightly fastened to the edges of my bike. The road that passes through the districts of Malkangiri, Koraput, Rayagada and Kandhamal is fully damaged and is completely worn-out.However, I had decided to reach home before 5pm. I drove the bike steadfastly without any delay on the way. Even I sacrificed the joy of entering into a well-to-do restaurant for my breakfast. It was because I wanted to save time. So the best alternative was to take my breakfast standing in one of the road-side makeshift hotels. I ate like Kumbhakarna but surprisingly, I was billed a modest amount of Rs 30/-. My eating binge did not stop here. On my way I drank green coconut water, 7 bananas, one big-sized chocolate, 2 coconut stuffed cakes, a small packet of mixture, grape juice and my lunch at Baliguda. And when I saw my speedometer at home, I found the reading 22,541kms. I had covered 406 kilometers in 10 hours 40 minutes.
After my safe reach I was deliriously happy because of the following reasons.
* I was amazed at my own capability to undertake such a strenuous long journey all alone.
* I showed an accurate time sense and I could fulfill my wish to reach home safely by 5pm.
* I suffered no puncture, no harsh weather, no breakdown of the machine and no accident.
* I drove safely and completed the journey without any dependence on tea (During the journey I had not taken tea).

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