Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Sunny Morning

Talent plays a vital role in shaping life but will-power is another powerful component that helps an individual draw the best in him/her. Both talent and will-power develop by means of continuous effort. Each moment of life brings forth a variety of choices or options before an individual. In life’s journey every individual has some freedom to make a conscious choice. And his choices determine his/her worth in the long run. When someone is insightful & perceptive to the fundamental principles of morality, he/she spontaneously draws a deeper respect from his fellow human beings and achieves greater influence as an agent of social change.
Anna Hazare can be a recent example of such will-power that blends with morality and capably demonstrates the deep influences of morality on general consciousness of present society. Apart from Anna, if the teaching community, who works in schools and colleges, devotes a little effort to instill a general sense of morality among the learners, then within 15 years, the society will see a sunny morning of general happiness.

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