Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dream Girl

Sure, it was really a pleasant dream. And so pleasant was it that the morning became warm with a happy feeling.......Two school boys and a beautiful girl of their age are driving for picnic. I am with them. One of the boy drives. He has a valid driving license. But on the way the vehicle accidentally slips into a gorge. Everybody is terribly afraid of the imminent danger.  But I say, “ Mey Hoon na! “ (Why fear when I am here.). I rescue them and the young girl hugs me.........Now I remembered 25 years back when I was in class 5. There was a chubby cute girl in my class. I had always taken a fancy to her for no understandable reason. I had so strong a feeling for her that I could have also given my life for her if situation demanded..........And today in my dream also I risked my life to save the young group because the little girl looked like my real-life class mate of 25 years back.

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