Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thoughts that hit me along with a nasty cough.

Ignorance is the greatest enemy of human race and teachers are the enlightened masters who fight against the evils of ignorance. However, the enlightened masters may become too helpless when the gift of winter i.e. COUGH catches them. Then the utterances of sentences in class by the masters get prefixed, suffixed and interspersed with coughing fits. And the masters lose grounds. The students smile because now the cough brings uneasiness to the master and relieves the class of the master. This often provides the class a happy break from the monotony of class-room teaching and the stern presence of typical Indian teachers.

Now let us view the case of a cough-ridden human mortal in teaching profession. He longs to let out a lot of human wisdom through his vocal chords for the benefit of his/her students but the stream of sputum stubbornly intervenes the stream of knowledge and the master gasps for breath. Perhaps this is the reason why most teachers in India get about a week’s holiday in the last part of December. At this time the winter is at its height and the teachers can cough peacefully and can have a period of recuperation for the greater interest of society.

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