Sunday, January 20, 2013


Be cautious & be aware.....
Every where the greedy wolves are there
They tear your body and eat your wealth
They destroy your country in the stealth
Just making you a prey to their sheer greed
And the pity, you are unaware and deadly anesthetized;

Those wolves move around in many forms.....
They are the corrupt politicians who speak of economic reforms
And collude with the corporate tycoons
To sell your country in the glaring light of the noon
They are the shameless mother fucker
Kick them; boil them in the pressure cooker.

Ye the country’s youth arise and sleep no more
Know your rights, unite yourselves and show your power
Take the pledge in the name of those headless martyrs
Educate the mass, abhor the corrupt media and be a self-starter
Then walk together with the identity of a proud Indian
And gorgeously shine above all countries like China and Pakistan.

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