Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The bright sun in the blue sky and its light rays bring the same feelings in me, which spontaneously emerge when I see your warm smiles on your cute face.
To me you are a superb creation........
I know very little about you. Just yesterday, we talked and I started liking you so much because you were dignifiedly respectful. You make strong impressions on my heart because a man’s heart urges not only for love but also for respect.  And with your gentle behavior you invite my higher self to treat you and all women respectfully. You have made a permanent place of high esteem in my heart.
But today you hurt me intolerably when you scornfully looked at me like a rapper and refused to sit on my bike when I offered you a lift.  Your changed behavior may be a normal outcome of Delhi gang rape incident but I wanted to scream aloud, “O! Lady, you are running away from the solution. Have faith in the essential nobility in human beings. All your shouts and candle marches should not fire the revenge of one sex on another”
And most painfully I conclude, anytime a woman thinks a man may become a rapper, she kills the humanity of that man unmercifully.

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