Friday, February 15, 2013

A V-day Musing: A Story

The first girl in my life who had taught me what the emotions of love are. The girl who had taught me that IT IS BETTER TO BE TRUSTED THAN LOVED......... The same smile is there although the teen-age-charm has fused with the matured look of a 32/33 year old modest lady. Appearances have changed but the memory has never. It is true that we may not value those moments. It has no meaning when life rapidly operates on windows8 or i-phone 5.........Your very words, 'TERI ARMANO KI ARTHI LE JAA' at first had broken my heart and then strengthened it so powerfully that now no girl could ever break me anymore. You have really immunized me from all girls (including my wife)........Years after when I saw the film  'ISHQ' , I saw that the heroine of that film had used those same words what had one day pained me the most . But I am thankful to you, dear, that your friendship/short lived love gave me enough understanding of life......And one thing I must mention that you write the best letters of the world. And it is from you that I learnt how to write emotional letters. All these things might not be any more in your memory. But I remember it because once it was very real to me. There is no need to remember them but I am happy that, once in my life, you had sung a song. I know your life was shattered after our love was disclosed. But at those times I was too young to handle the situation....... Tanha Tanha Yahan Pe Jina Ye koi Baat Hey......just I remember the occasion when I had first seen you. And it was Berhampur station when you had first met me......Today I saw the digitally highlighted photo on your Facebook account but truly that misses the magic of 1998. And then I also remember how lean and lanky I was in the past and you were at the height of your beauty but you had still loved me at those times. After our unhappy affair the best thing I practiced was taking regular exercise and that one thing was able to restore my confidence. Truly speaking, I had almost lost my confidence when you had severely scolded me at the Ladies hostel gate. But that incident helped me never break because a girl stopped you loving. One thing you should know about me. After we separated another girl from Navodaya was my beloved and she had healed all the wounds. 

Sorry I speak of myself only........tell me something about you......... 

I know you very well. You will remain silent to this letter. However, it is also true that in these days I have changed a lot. Now your silence will least affect me. It is because our unhappy love relation had taught me not to bother while a lady tries to destroy you in the name of love.  I cannot help saying that your life has so many sudden surprises that it will be really hard on your part to enjoy life as a normal woman. However, your smiling photo on FACEBOOK account somewhat indicates that you now appreciate life and you are completely healed up. Hope you will exist as a good friend to me.

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