Saturday, March 9, 2013


The sun had sunk below the horizon and the birds had already sheltered in their nests. The wind was cool and so was the earth. The sky was enchantingly star-lit and the moon was shining in an unfathomable bright calmness.
The unsurpassed beauty was shining outside but a man was caged in the four walls, glued to the computer screen and straining the eyes, and cut off from the touch of nature.
His life moved with lightening speed on windows 8 or Iphone 5 or android but away from the healing closeness of nature.
Now the worry-stricken suffocated man came out of the four walls of his brightly CFL lit house. The house was brightly but artificially lighted. The outward shine of a swanky room did not nurture his inner being.

Now, he stood for a while under the open sky. He looked at the limitless sky and the beaming moon. The moon was kind to that restless heart. The silvery light of the pleasant moon fell upon him. The cool light of the celestial object acted upon his heart. All the cuts & bruises on his heart were healed. His inflated ego dissolved and he felt the soothing calmness of the shiny moon. He folded his hands to the silvery moon and realized that the warmth of uncle moon was next to oxygen when life was woebegone and miserable.

The moon was smiling and the tiny flakes of cloud were creating the ambience of heaven from the sky.

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