Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The wheel of time

A child points finger to this and that and looks at the elder. The elder smiles and describes the world around.
Slowly the child learns what a tree is, a cat is, a dog is, a bus is, a cycle is. And life sets off like a meandering river through an unknown dense forest.
By the time the elder disintegrates in the whirlpool of time, the child assumes the form of the elder. And life goes on.........
Time is a mighty wave that changes, evolves, annihilates and also creates.
Happy time, sad time, future time, past time, present time - so many dimensions and definitions of time can construct a chequered life and then assimilate everything leaving little trash.  We run with time and gasp for breath. We dreamily wait for a pinkish future time and move ahead reposing our all faith in the providence.
Our faith is in the mystery of time. So on the Sivaratri we light a lamp; we light candles before the crucified son of God; we face in the direction of the Kaba shrine and chant the prayer; we toll the bell in the name of Budha and meditate and wait till our time ends........

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