Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moving out of comfort-zone.

It was beginning of monsoon and the afternoon was cloudy. But a couple rode happily on a bike braving the unfavourable weather. They stopped by the road at a point which was a scenic spot. A distant mountain was half-hidden by the clouds. The sun was not visible. But there was enough light to click a photo. The wife took out the mobile phone to take a photograph of her husband. At this time I happened to pass them. Ordinarily I would never have taken an interest in such a situation but that day I thought to move out of my comfort zone. The couple were complete strangers to me. However, I stopped by them because I had to go out of my comfort zone. I asked the lady for her mobile. Both the man and the wife were startled for a while. Obviously the lady was reluctant to hand me her mobile. Now I had to smile and tell, “Ma’am, please do not think that I am going to snatch your mobile. I just want to click a photo of you both so that you can preserve the memory of your togetherness forever.” The woman blushed and the man smiled at me. I clicked their photograph, shook hands with the man and left them with a bye-bye gesture.
That afternoon for sometime a smile lingered on my face. I moved out of my comfort-zone and at the same time I expanded its limit too.........

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