Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A complete 360 degree rotation of the clock’s hour-hand and one day of life is subtracted. Night thickens and sleep paralyzes the body. Silence prevails for some time. Then there is snoring and the silence breaks. And by the time the snoring ceases another 360 degree rotation snatches the night from life.............The man sleeps and time also slips.
It is another fine day. The day glides upon earth with the golden rays of the sun. Now the man is awake. His usual life ensues -the same tea-breaks, the same file work, and the same course of life. The time flows with its repetitive nature. The wait for a burst of happiness like winning huge money in lottery does not end. The e-mail icon does not blink with his beloved’s mail but he awaits and looks expectantly. If the present does not bear the fruit of joy then future must have it. Future is the safe haven to look for it because future is the other name of all possibilities. Therefore ,the wise say, when everything is lost the future still remains.  

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