Tuesday, July 23, 2013

why my wife summoned me with so much urgency

A call from Sairam in the evening broke my sleep. He asked me to come to the main road and join with him and Shirish Sir  in the evening walk. I was happy because for the last couple of weeks our trio (i.e. Sai,Atma and Shirish) had not been together in the evenings. It was because of incessant rain and bad weather. But today we did not care and came out. When I joined with them I came to know that they wanted me to come with my vehicle and drop them in their quarters as they had not brought their umbrellas. But soon we decided to enjoy the rain with our group-walk under one umbrella which I was carrying. We stopped at the Panigrahi hotel and started gossiping and I can bet that the gossip was hotter than Panigrahi’s coffee. Before I could finish my coffee my wife called me home urgently. She appealed me to come home urgently in a crying voice. I suddenly came home and discovered that black ants have attacked my wife and one ant had bitten so badly that it was bleeding. I heaved a sigh of relief because it was just an ant and it was not a scorpion. But I could not understand why my wife summoned me with so much urgency & seriousness. The possible explanations may be.....
1.       A wife does not like another human beings come closer to her husband although they are males and his colleagues.
2.       A wife may not like her husband enjoying life beyond the borders of family when she is engaged in cooking and caring the child.
3.       The wife might be taking a test to ensure her importance and the commitment of her husband.

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