Sunday, November 17, 2013


That night I was called in an emergency to College hostel in the late night because a girl was breathless and immediately needed to be taken to the hospital. The principal needed my car and me.
The face of the clock showed 1 am. When I opened the doors of my room a gust of cold wintry wind rushed inside. In spite of the bad weather I had to attend the sick.
I felt hesitant to drive in the dead of the night because I thought it was a time when the thieves, robbers and drug addicts perambulated. I stayed in a small locality where people had little to do. As a result they would take more interest and find more pleasure in poking their sniffing noses in others affairs. Without any valid reasons they loved to look others suspiciously. 
Moreover, last year at this time of the year I had sighted bears moving around my house. And this memory sharpened my senses.
With a sad and concerned face my wife bolted the doors and I got into my car but the probability of maximum danger was lying ahead. It was as such- I could drive up to the gate of our campus without any risk but in case the gate was closed then I had to get down of the car in order to open it by myself. As bears might be moving around there, I felt a bit scared. That night the gate was closed and I had to brave the risk.
I got down of the car to open the gates. I started reciting Hanuman Chalisa believing as the devine saviour.
 Every patch of shadow looked like bears waiting to haunt me. With all caution I got down of the car, scanned the area in the headlights of the vehicle and went to open the gate. I managed to complete the task without being eaten away.
I gave a sigh of relief. Closed the door of the car, raised the accelerator and pulled away the vehicle. I did not know when I stopped chanting Hanuman Chalisa. The danger was already averted so I forgot Hanuman and thought about this and that. I mean when danger subsided, my prayer subsided.
Now I reached at the hostel campus gate. That place was also a favourite place for the local bears. I had never thought that the gate would be closed. The same danger was lurking here. In the same manner I had to open the gate by myself. I started reciting Hanuman Chalisa, opened the gate, and came into the car. But this time I completed the recitation of the Chalisa and did not follow the rule, “Rat Gayee, Bat Gayee”.  


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