Sunday, December 29, 2013


Situation One
“Sir, please help me answer this questions. You will earn Dharma” Told an examinee to the exam invigilator. The examiner gently smiled and told, “I will definitely help you answer the questions but not now. After the examination is over I will keep your request.”
Situation Two
A lady in denim jeans and a stylish vanity bag approaches the exam centre. At the entrance of the exam centre an invigilator who stands there for gate check asks the candidate not to take mobile phones inside. The girl looks surprisingly and then disbelievingly utters, “Are you not going to give support in the examination?” The invigilator shakes his head in firm denial and informs the lady that the examination will be conducted in all fair means. The lady turns her back and walks out feeling disgruntled.
It may be mentioned that she had come with Rs 30000/- (Thirty Thousand) in her vanity bag so that she could bribe the examiners.
Situation Three
A bearded teacher who works in a neighboring institute comes directly into the superintendent’s chamber and asks the superintendent unashamedly, “Sir, will the examinees not get help in the examinations? It is injustice to be so strict to the examinees who join in distance courses just for getting a degree or a promotion.” The superintendent replied, “No way Sir. We strictly follow the rule: No Chits and No Tips.”

Situation Four
“I want to talk to you privately,” said a middle aged over-weight examinee to the superintendent. The superintendent allowed him for a private conversation. Both of them talked for few minutes inside the chamber. When the man came out of the exam centre superintendent’s chamber, he was very dejected and irritated. After his departure I came to know that he had introduced himself as a political stalwart having immense power in his possession and he would see to us if he is not allowed copying in exam hall.

Situation Five
Somebody is heard saying in a challenging tone in the local market, “Let us see how they can stop us copying in the examination.”

Full n Final conclusion
One Kejriwal is enough to over throw all RED LIGHTS from VVIPs' car tops. One conscious step is enough to check all unfair means. Just you need a will power to ignore the above 5 situations. JAI HIND.

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