Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My three year old son opened his picture book to learn the alphabet. He pointed the pictures one by one and recited their English equivalent words.......Apple.....Boy.....Cat......Dog.....Elephant....Fish....

He stopped at the letter ‘Q’ and showed me the picture of a beautiful woman with a crown. He wanted to know the English word for that picture. I told him that it is ‘QUEEN’. He did not accept my answer. He shook his head in disagreement and emphatically told, “It is Mama.” I appreciated his love for his mother and gently smiled at him waving my hand on his head. I did not say anything because I did not like to contradict his sweet love for his mother.

Somewhere I had read that a child loves to find the likeliness of his/her mother in other women. I looked at my son. Now he was reading.....Van......Watch......etc.

An hour latter I was now watching a tele-serial. A good looking female actor appeared on the screen. My son looked at her and abruptly asked, “Papa who is she?”

I remembered my previous experience with my son and to avoid any further disagreement I told, “She is Mama (mother).” No sooner could I finish my answer, my wife entered into the room and listened it. Now my wife was no more my wife. She really turned into a live volcano. She violently shouted, “Tomorrow morning in the first bus I and my son are going to leave this house forever. You are so nasty that you are identifying other women as my son’s mother. Did she take the pain to give birth to the child?”

I was stunned and looked with my mouth open. Before I could say anything my wife was in tears. 

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