Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From The pen APN

It is a very traumatic day for me.
The people around you love to crush you ruthlessly at your flaws.
Some times I might have been so for someone else and I might have failed to understand that. However, I must say that I should learn 4 things today.

1.       Do not be so familiar that someone will venture to dominate you out of proportion. Kick them out from your life and at the same time rebuilt yourself exploring new avenues of life.
2.       Sit silently, meditate and sharpen your positive qualities to run ahead of others in spite of negativeness around you.
3.       Understand yourself, your duties and responsibilities, be humble and enjoy your life fully.
4.       Time is invaluable. Put it into best use. Live each moment constructively-helping yourself and others but keep yourself safe in all respect. Your 100 good deeds will be blackened with one single mistake of yours. People around you are never kind critics.

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