Wednesday, February 12, 2014

“A moment of understanding can flood your life with meaning.”

With my hands crossed I was reclining on a chair. I was silent and thinking deeply. I was thinking with a prayerful heart. 
I was in the farewell meeting where the juniors were bidding farewell to the seniors. The situation was bursting with emotions. Everyone was speaking from the heart. The words from the young hearts were replete with the deepest and the strongest of human emotions. They were like live incandescent lamps which were an awesome feast both to the soul and the heart. The sparkling tear drops of the departing students were the finest signature of Love. 

Their high emotions slowly and slowly started melting me. I melted into a valley of deep thoughts. In my thought I saw I have miles to go before I can say I am an ideal teacher. Each word uttered by the departing students pushed me more and more to undertake a rigorous self analysis. The more I thought, the more stable and self-controlled I felt. I also felt a bit sad because I could have been better if I had known that my students felt so deeply about me.  

The evening gave me a new understanding of human heart. I came out of the circumference of mundane profit and loss and valued the brilliance of teenager emotions in a truly human perspective.
I experienced a new dawn of goodness in me. I beheld a rising sun spreading the light of self-righteousness. And I heard a life-changing voice echoing in my inner-world that proclaimed, “Yes! Let me be a teacher and not a preacher. Because....because.....a preacher preaches but a teacher teaches by living the best ideas and the highest ideals of humanity-in thoughts, words and deeds.”

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