Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I prayed and my world changed.

I frantically searched for something. But I was unable to understand what I was looking for. Was I looking for some fresh air or for some ennobling news? Was I waiting for the dawn of Satya Yuga? Or I was expecting a magical change that will open up my world to Buddha’s serenity.

Desperately I opened the windows for some fresh air. I opened the TV for an elevating experience. I went through the newspapers for some solace but I was miserably disappointed. What I needed was not found. The falsehood and momentary glitter of the world seemed useless.
Then I threw all my ambitions and goals and I decided to relax. I left what I used to hold with clenched fist. With my empty hands I embraced the sky and looked upward.
Now the earth moved round the sun as before. The stars appeared and the evening descended upon the earth as usual and the moon also smiled as usual. But a heavy weight got removed from my heart. My heart pumped blood to my brain and it beat with the eternal music of the creation.
And like a butterfly I felt when I said, “I am not the creator but I am created by Someone to share the light of a Supreme Being.”
I was relaxed. And I saw the waters of the sea glowing and the life-energy scattering brilliant rays of enlightenment and happiness all around.  
Just I closed my eyes and I prayed and my world changed so.......

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