Saturday, December 20, 2014


From the pen APN
A fight/strike of five days came to an end. Our group started to crumble. Cracks widened into chasms and the central force could not hold us united. Financial pressure, physical strain, uncertainty of future and the thoughts of the family made us quit. We decided to give in. And by the evening of the 5th day we called off the strike

We were fighting for our self respect, for equal treatment and for safeguarding ourselves from social humiliation. So we had gathered on one platform and had raised our voice. But our wails practically had no effect on the slumbering government, insensitive passers-by and the egoistic bureaucrats. They deliberately ignored our voices till we broke under our own weight. 

A friend had to marry in a couple of weeks. A striker had an old father whose life depended on Medicine. Another friend dedicatedly served  to a callous master who sucked the cream of his life and left him at a cross-road with his two daughers and family. Simillarly, most members stood at the end days of their youth and at the beginning days of their oldage. 

However, they all fought valiantly. And in the dark ocean of fear and tear also they rowed their boats and pursued the faintest rays of hope. 

There may be danger and the dark clouds of apprehensions hung over head. But this is just a beginning and definitely it has an end which will soon come with the golden rays and a calm morning.

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