Thursday, December 25, 2014


From the pen APN
It is a cold winter night and the mother is patting the child to sleep with all her motherly warmth. The sleepy eyes of the child are slowly closing down with utmost contentment because he feels safe and secure in the love of his mother.  The child looks like a little angel who is sleeping in pure peace, joy and innocence.  A world of many new dreams and hopes sleep in the child and the father prays the sunshine of God’s grace to make the child’s dreams blossom with the beauty of a smiling flower. Every night, the father and mother look at the little one together and renew their resolution to give the child the best parental care and love whatever odds they may face in life.

Both the father and mother feel great joy when the child utters a new word, learns a new expression, holds the pencil for first time, demands a toy or does something which they discover for first time.
But one day a so called quack came (who thinks that he knows a lot many things of everything). And he looked at the child’s eyes and declared superfluously, “From the eyes, I learn that the child has a weak brain. He should be given Chavanprash (of a particular brand) to correct the things.”  The words flew like an arrow and hurt both the father and mother at the most sensitive part of their hearts. The quack left the house and for a moment everything was silent. 

Now the child came running, held his father’s legs tightly demanding his father to lift him to the air so that he will giggle in joy while landing into his father’s lap. The father flung the child into the air and the room was filled with the joyful giggles of a little angel. Both the father and mother looked into the eyes of the child and could see that the eyes were the most beautiful things they have ever see and those eyes had the star-shine that shone brilliantly for them.   

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