Tuesday, February 10, 2015


From the pen APN (Written on 10.02.2015) 

Tears in your eyes made me put my hands on your shoulder softly and silently. I could now feel the softness of your shoulder and the pain in your heart. My heart’s closeness to you demanded of me to hold you gently and stay with you. You were already silent with your face downward and eyes closed. So I closed my eyes too and prayed with all my heart in your silent presence.  
I wanted to connect myself with the creator who sat in the high skies and assured all the mortals that WHEN EVERYTHING IS LOST THE FUTURE STILL REMAINS.
Time was moving ahead like the beads of a rosary. In the depths of silence my whole world had come to a standstill. At the same time a new hope emerged from inside that proclaimed the daredevil’s word, “Together we can challenge the world.”Now I was imagining more vividly that   in your softness I had found the greatest strength of my life. Both of us sat prayerfully and imagined how a new world shines above this world where we were daily assassinated mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We thought to set out for that ideal world together.
The sun was slowly rising above the horizon. A new day was taking shape. I slowly got up still holding your palm from that dreamy state of mind. The wind blew our hair. You too got up looking into my eyes and we started walking together. The cold night had already passed away and the warmth of the golden sun had made the world exquisitely beautiful and sunny. Two birds were singing harmoniously sitting on a branch. Now you looked at me and told, “If I close my eyes I am not sure whether I shall open them again or not but I am sure of one thing that whenever I open my eyes I will surely find you standing by my side.” I smiled and looked high into the distant sky and uttered the word, “TATHASTU.”

N.B. ‘TATHASTU’ is a Sanskrit word that means, “Let it happen.” And is used while granting a boon.     

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