Saturday, June 6, 2015


From the pen APN

I thought and thought but could not get a conclusion on how I will express my feelings to you. I thought I will write a poem. Then I thought writing a story would be better........I was in a fix.  I silenced my mind. And my mind constructed your smiling gracious figure that flashed upon the mental eyes. Soon my heart started responding to that magical figure. Waves of love and strong feelings rose in my heart. And I enjoyed the joy of being washed away by the unknown waves of love........

In deep longing I phoned you. I wished to forget my existence in the melody of your sweet voice but you answered me most crudely. You spoke with checks and balances. And you killed the poet in me and you killed the writer in me........
Suddenly, the waves of love subsided and the songs of my tender thoughts receded. But I knew that they would appear once again with more maturity and beauty when the moon would shine and a lovely heart would come behind closed doors to hold my hands with closed eyes and inviting lips.

This time the waves would be bigger and the thoughts deeper to drown the reminiscences of your wooden voice and swollen face.     

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