Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A few lines in praise of Dilwale Sunil Grover

(Dear Readers, to understand the true emotional value of this piece of writing I request your goodself to watch the video link first)

From the pen APN

Breaking my long silence, or in other words overcoming the writer’s block, I could write today because a well-known comedian’s exceptional performance struck the strings of my heart so deeply that my arteries of emotions which had dried up for more than a month showed new signs of resuscitation. The credit for refilling my veins with fresh emotion goes to the highly talented comedian Mr.Sunil Grover, who, by his impeccable performance, produced a rare type of DEEWANGEE in the show which was aired on 20 Dec, 2015. The wave of heightened romanticism which was generated by the comedian was worthy of viewers’ standing ovation.
Hats off to Mr.Sunil Grover, the man who appears before us as Gutthi in Comedy Nights with Kapil. He is awesome and worthy of all my respect so I cannot but  write these lines acknowledging his soulful comedy that he recently performed in presence of SRK on the tunes of the song Gerua from Dilwale 2015.  
You may not feel what I feel about the act. We may differ from each other in our respective perceptions. And I may not make you realize how I feel but I need you to acknowledge that there was something beneath the comedy which strongly moved my feelings. On the said act his each movement was mysterously engraving his romantic and spiritual impressions on my heart. With all his heart, Mr.Grover was presenting a tribute to SRK in the very presence of SRK. It is nothing new but the uniqueness of the act surfaced when Mr.Grover’s distinctive style of a comedian got spontaneously fused with the sensitivity of a highly romantic person like SRK. The two types of characters got so perfectly mingled in Mr.Grover during the act that it created a homogeneous mixture of pure joy, a joy that had a spiritual appeal. The characteristic romantic vein of SRK and the heightened sense of tribute of Mr. Grover were so well balanced and so well integrated that it had a spiritual expression of unity, love, harmony and emotion.
As a result at the end of the show, I could feel how an emotionally charged man can reflect unsullied poetry and intense romanticism on stage although he spoke nothing before the audience and performed an act of pure comedy. 
Poets, lovers and lunatics are made up of the same stuff. And to be a lover means you are a person who enjoys his/her madness. And in a mad but mesmerizing act, Mr.Grover’s love for SRK exudes a symbolic meaning that the eternal spring of love that bubble up in human heart for another fellow human-being irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex and social status.  


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