Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A true Friendship Found

(A Story written on the occasion of F’ship Day)
 From the Pen-APN 

It was friendship day.
With the most beautiful flowers of my garden I went to wish my lady a day of love and happiness. She came out of her room, took the flowers from me rashly and threw them ruthlessly to a nearby drain that contained all filthy water. Then she turned her back immediately and rushed inside her house, not even glancing at me. And she slammed the door at my face with a bang. All my sweet-smelling flowers floated away in the contaminated water.
Tear deposited in the corners of my eyes. Waves of irresistible pain surged inside me. A part of my heart became numb in excruciating pain. I was no better than a dumb, lifeless statue. I withered away more rapidly, more appallingly and more ignominiously than those flowers which I had taken to that lady as the symbol of my love.  
That night I wandered here and there not knowing where I was heading to. The street lights above me seemed to mock at me scornfully. I felt as if each passer-by was gazing and gazing at me and then laughing at me behind his/her hands. I could deeply feel how my heart broke into pieces and how an all-rounded happy personality got shattered in minutes. I could feel like standing all alone on an endless desert of human apathy and insensitivity.    
I cried and cried and slept somewhere I did not know. Night covered the earth and stars glimmered overhead. My eyes were closed and I was drowned in a sea of unfathomable sorrow. Then from the bottom of my aching heart, slowly and slowly, one after another, the faces of so many loving persons, appeared in my mind. All of those wonderful persons had loved me unconditionally without being loved in return. They all shined around me so brilliantly, with an over-powering light, that the inner gloom which was hanging over me seemed now powerless.     
I stretched myself, drew a long breath and then started walking past the lamp posts one by one. At a little distance the local church was glowing celestially in magic lights. And on the top of the church, a majestic idol of Jesus Christ stood impressively with its arms stretched and beckoning me lovingly to a world of inner peace. I went near the church and looking into the eyes of the idol I said, “Happy Friendship Day, Lord! I was late to come to You because I had been to the world to give love but someone in return crucified me so well that now my heart is bleeding like Yours. And the best thing you know Jesus, now with my bleeding heart, I can wish you the most genuine happy friendship day you have ever had.”
I closed my eyes. And miraculously, I could feel a pair of divine hands embracing me with an ocean of love. I could not speak anything because, deep in my heart, I had found the profoundest and eternal friendship which a man could ever have on earth- The friendship of the Almighty.
In life, when all hopes are crushed and all doors are closed, you look skyward and believe that someone high in the sky sits to release you from the abysmal depths of despair. And the best part of it is that you are never wrong in your assumptions.

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