Saturday, August 13, 2016

Renewal of Love with Green Tea

From the pen-APN
After a bitter argument, my wife angrily left the room leaving me alone. She slammed the door of the living room loudly and then she locked herself in another room. An hour or two passed by. The entire house was plunged into walls of deathly silence. No talk, no whisper and no sound.   

Then I could hear the door of her room slowly open. I could sense that she went to the kitchen; she boiled tea leaves there and then came with a cup of refreshing green tea. She silently stood beside me with the mugful of tea. She did not speak anything, nor did I. Silence ruled all for a few seconds. And then I took the mug of hot tea from her in one hand and tightly embraced her in the other. 

The steam from the tea was slowly and slowly rising and then vanishing in the air. And so was also her anger vanishing in the thin air.       

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