Sunday, December 18, 2016

Yesterday I saw a speaker speaking …….

From the pen APN

Yesterday I saw a speaker speaking in the auditorium of my college. He ruthlessly drew my attention to the abject poverty and continuing inactivity and lethargy of Odisha people. The people of Odisha enjoy 1 rupee rice; engage themselves in cheap entertainment and conduct no productive activity. Once a valiant race is now sinking deeper and deeper into sheer effeminacy. And the situation is gloomily spiralling into the abysmal degeneration of a hitherto self-sufficient, self-reliant race. 

I was stunned and deeply felt the gravity of his point. But I was somewhat relieved when he painted a hopeful picture that exclusively centred around the generation Y. 

"Strong actions, bold steps and determined attitude of the Odisha Youth are the only hope which may ameliorate such despicable situations of our race.  


Writing romantic poetry, watching teleserials, staging record dance, boozing by the roadside cannot help anymore. Work…..Work….Work….Work……Work with all dedication; take all responsibilities on your shoulders. Exert yourselves to the fullest limit, ye the youths of Odisha, and redesign the fate of this lovely wonderful state.  

We are the change makers and we shall wake up from the torpor because Odisha shall rise again."

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