Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Triranga Palau…..

From the pen APN
When the flag was unfurled and the flower petals fluttered down and the tricolour billowed in a gust of lively wind, my head was held high in a reawakened sense of freedom, national pride and the rich history that my country has.  
My national day celebrations began saluting the tricolour flying in the campus of a rural college. I embraced my colleagues and shared the joy of being an Indian.

I returned home. My beautiful wife was at the door with her best smiles. We sat together to dine as a way of celebrating the national day. The dishes were brought in covered pots. When I uncovered one of the bigger pots I saw the three great colours of Indian flag garnished the item. I was pushed into a trance of patriotism and thanked those millions of farmers of India who have kept me alive. It is needless to say that I thanked my wife also for making my day so warm by her fine sentiments. I asked my wife, “Dear, what is this?” She smiled and uttered, “Triranga Palau.”     

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