Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Inner Vacuum

From the pen APN

Uncontrolled tears like summer rains
Deadliest mental and emotional pains  
A deserted heart with blood stains
All in a cauldron of hellish fire
Bubbled and bubbled with steaming ire
To cleanse the soul and deeply admire
The prevailing calmness of lonely heart
That replaces all restlessness and dirt
Making desires gradually fade away
Through suffering and dismay 

Deep and long sighs of inner vacuum
Played the music and the sonorous drum
And the essential inner vacuum haunted
Till the haunt broadened the mind
And till the feelings softened
And till the stubborn egos diluted
And mind got thoroughly cleansed
And the heart was well rinsed
Relations were reexamined
And long-gone past was buried
For a new life and a new beginning

Of hope, joy and mutual understanding

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