Friday, November 24, 2017

The joy of walking together

From the pen-APN
When she appeared before me, adorned in a snow-white outfit, with her characteristic smiles of elegance and pristine beauty, she looked like a moving temple in human form. I looked at her without a blink of an eye. I did not know how long I stood spellbound at her amazing beauty. And I only regained my consciousness when she slowly and lovingly approached me with a smile and held one of my hands in hers and started walking with me.
That day we walked to a lovely place where God was believed to reside. That was a temple of unparalleled beauty. People believed that it was the temple of a lively deity where everyone gets whatever he/she wishes. So, with a heart full of rosy wishes, we started walking towards that sacred place of joy and serenity. From a distance, the temple looked like Lord Siva’s gigantic snow-white Kailash Mountain. And the colossal flag that fluttered gleefully on its top looked like the guardian of universe glancing benignly over a patch of surrounding verdant woods.

That day we just walked together in the same direction to a common destination. Neither I spoke any words to her nor did she spoke anything to me. But, in the life-enriching silence of the sacred place, while walking the walk hand in hand, we felt the depths of our beings mingle together in deep feelings of harmony and trust. With each step, our souls got closer and closer. I felt her fingers fill the gaps between my fingers. I clasped her palm in mine and a strong bond for all times to come was consummated. We knew we loved each other truly and by the time we climbed all the steps of the temple we were convinced of our relationship to be everlasting and unbreakable.     

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