Wednesday, April 11, 2018


From the pen-APN

For a relationship, utterly foul,
I staked all my soul,
And I was flung into cursed hellfire
Of betrayal and illicit desire

With eyes shut and mind puzzled,
With broken heart and spirits muddled,
I was sliced and halved,
Poisoned and almost dead,

Because you cruelly grinned,
A vampire, devilish and wretched,
Crouched on the callous desert
Of treachery and deceit

So all emotions I strangled to cessation,
All memories I buried in oblivion, 
All fond relationships I threw to Sea,
And I killed someone in me

And hoped my resilient mind will seal,
And the sunny heart will heal,
The wounds on my back

To keep me on life’s track

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