Monday, May 3, 2010

My love for books.

Somebody has rightly said that classics are for adorning the bookshelves. I fully agree to this point because many  people buy books but they seldom read them. I am not sure of somebody else doing so but I fail prominently in that category of bibliophiles. I am a good collector of books.Because I spend more time at the bookshop while choosing the book as compared to reading that very book  in my study room. It is because I read a few sentences randomly from a book at the book seller's for the purpose of buying the book for my collection.But in home that intensity of reading is diminished because I do not feel any urgency to read them.

Today under the hot sun of Berhampur I was selecting books from the footpath side vendors. I was profusely seating and feeling uncomfortable but I meticulously went through a good number of books before selecting three books for my bookshelf. I stress the word 'bookshelf' because I know for a long time the books shall remain in some rack of the bookshelf before I get the motivation and time to read them.

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