Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Over-draft Issue at GOD's Bank

It is mid-night. The world sleeps. But the strong coffee in the evening has kept me awake. After the day-long appointments, now I think of God. Tonight he seems just like my elder brother. And asks me the day’s account and I explain I have run up an overdraft……..

With a stern and serious look He wanted to know the REASONS. I detailed…..

“All daylong I spent love unconditionally. I shed and lost tears profusely for the underprivileged. I put more life in my job although I was paid less. I laughed with friends more than my allotted quota.  I dreamt higher than my height. And I ventured to draw more out of life.”

GOD listened calmly. A soothing serenity was prevailing everywhere. The moon and the stars were witnessing our conversation. Now I became silent and stood still for the day’s sentence. God was serious. In his supreme authority he announced the verdict, “You man, I hang you in the same OVER-DRAFT for the rest of your life. And this is my system of BANKING. “I cried and begged his pardon. Now most unfeelingly HE uttered, “Being GOD I cannot (will not) stop a man when is so close to become GOD.I care not such over-drafts. They say I STAY OVER THE SKY because I am such an over-draft master.”


Morale of the story: DRAW MOST OUT OF YOUR LIFE AND BE GOD. Is mahatma not God for us? Let us be so.


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