Saturday, July 28, 2012


He is my colleague. 

That day he came into the office out of the rain. He was wet but I embraced him with an open heart and a warm welcoming smile. My emotions were running high because, yesterday, I had read an article on the universal Fatherhood of a loving God and the universal Brotherhood of human beings. I attempted just to put that great ideal into practice. I mean, I wanted to be a little human.  
The effect was wonderful!
He also smiled and was grateful for my gesture of love. We sat together for a while. Now, he opened up his box of miseries (a common tendency among all to tell your woes when we are around listening ears). And he told me that he was unwell and had caught a terrible flu but he had to come to the office because the boss was relentless. And the worst thing was that he had been also infected with conjunctivitis. I saw her swollen red eyes and felt sad. I wished him sooner recovery from his ailments and left him doing his office work.
Next day when I got up from bed I had my eyes swollen and terribly red. And now the idea of universal brother-hood and Fatherhood of God was really bringing uninterrupted tears to my eyes…….. 

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