Thursday, July 26, 2012

we need hunger-strike for the hungry

Vivekananda could read book by book.
The teenager got inspired
Opened book and attempted that concentration
But failed……..failed miserably
The mobile buzzed with a Bollywood tune.
He is no Vivekanand- youth, let his country slumber.

Pranab, sorry His Excellency,
Heralded crusade against Hunger
The whole nation listened
And some now sit at Jantar Mantar in Hunger-strike
The hungry, the hunger-strike and the hunger for power,
Now all dance with mismatched rhythms.

Coal, mines and industries
All Nation’s properties turn coal-black
In tax-havens
But TV is tuned to watch how Rajesh sings
Mere Sapno ki rani kab ayegi tu….
And Hikaka waits shining India behind high-walls.

Students and teachers now do not face books
They FACEBOOK and upload /share
The emptiness of their VISION and MISSION
And the photo of bed-ridden nurses
Who could not stand against the system.
And Now PTC (Performance Tracking Cell) will see to it.

Hail India, you shine with above elements
Where we need hunger-strike for the hungry……

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